We help companies develop, build, own or lease towers and land when and where needed.

PPG Telecom helps companies develop, own and lease new tower sites where needed. We offer a customized design and construction process to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers. We help companies with their planned network expansion by delivering tower access on-time at any location.

Site Acquisition/Development Services

PPG Telecom will work directly with your teams through every step of acquisition/AE process to ensure we only pursue locations that will meet or exceed the requirements of your network and that meet zoning, permitting requirements and can be built within your allocated timelines.

Our Services Include:
  • Preliminary Zoning Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • On-Site Search Area Drive Analysis
  • Search Area Site Identification
  • Leasing or Purchasing of Site
  • Permitting
  • Phase I Environmental
  • Land Survey
  • Geotechnical Reports
  • Search Area Analysis
  • Competitor Tower Analysis
  • Site Acquisition
  • Zoning
  • NEPA Study
  • Project Management
  • A&E design & management

Tower Construction Services

Types of Towers We Build
  • 5G Small Cell Access Points
  • Roof Top (macro and micro – small cells)
  • Monopole (regular or stealth poles)
  • Guyed (using guyed anchors and wires)
  • Lattice (self-supporting towers)
Construction Services
  • New Builds, Growth and Overlay
  • Shelter design & installation services
  • Tower Erection
  • Cell One Mount Install
  • Tower Lights/Site Lighting for 200’+ towers
  • On-time Delivery of all Material and Equipment
  • Steelwork, Structural Modifications and Fabrication
  • Interior and Exterior Fit-Up
  • Installation of Power/Telco Conduits
  • Front-End Electrical Services
  • Platform/Ground Ring/Ice Bridge
  • Site Clearing/Grubbing
  • Excavation
  • Compound and Foundations
  • Fencing and Grounding
  • Access Road
  • Tower Foundation (Mat)
  • Cell One H-Frame/Conduit
  • Culvert/Street Entrance
  • Bollards (pillar protection)
  • Site Decommissioning