We empower first responders to do their job, better, faster and smarter.

PPG Telecom is proud to be a FirstNet Dealer and part of the FirstNet mission. AT&T and the First Responder Network Authority grant FirstNet Dealer status to a select group of companies with deep knowledge of public safety. PPG Telecom is committed to ensuring this game-changing technology gets into the hands of first responders throughout the U.S.

FirstNet is purpose built for first responders. PPG Telecom provides solutions to empower first responders to do their job, better, faster and smarter.



  • Apps & Solutions
    • Advanced, customized apps developed for first responders.
  • App Developer Program
    • Everything developers need to build, deploy and maintain applications customized for your requirements.


  • Customer Support
    • Dedicated 24/7 x 365 customer care desk based in the U.S.
  • Local Control
    • Provides control over and visibility into the FirstNet network operational status and site conditions through an administrative hub.
  • Training
    • Access to a variety of flexible training and educational tools.
  • Incident Management Portal
    • Allows a local resource to elevate priority levels for public safety users as needed to meet the challenge.


  • Coverage Expansion
    • A “network of tomorrow” designed to reach more than 99% of U.S. population with $40 billion of planned investment.
  • Deployable Program
    • An unprecedented set of deployable LTE capabilities available to serve first responders.
  • In-Building Solutions
    • Over 6,000 distributed antenna systems (DAS) in place providing enhanced connectivity, capacity and coverage in multi-story buildings.
  • First Priority™
    • With First Priority™ on Band 14 and AT&T existing LTE, first responders are always on, always first in line. First Priority offer Quality of Service, Priority and Pre-emption (QPP) capabilities that ensure subscribers receive access first ahead of all other users.


For innovation to push boundaries and open opportunities that enable us to share, FirstNet is focused on delivering a secure platform that will adapt as we continue to move forward.


  • Cybersecurity.  Multi-layered defense to help ensure a highly secure platform. Features a dedicated Security Operations Center enhanced with AT&T global cybersecurity assets.
  • Identity, Credential, and Access Management. Single Sign-On capability across all FirstNet and agency applications

Devices and Plans

  • Service Plan & Procurement
    • Accessible and competitive rate plans at or below existing commercial pricing. These plans will be accessible from familiar procurement contract methods.
  • Wireless Devices
    • Access to an increasingly expansive catalog of standard and rugged LTE devices with aggressive pricing. FirstNet also enables you to use a vast majority of phones, tablets and in-vehicle options already available with priority on the FirstNet network, with an exciting pipeline of new innovative devices coming soon.