We help you launch, manage, and rapidly scale your Next Generation applications.

Effective deployment of 5G networks will require hundreds of thousands of new cell sites, new or upgraded connective nodes and central switches, new software and redesigned mobile devices. Cost estimates run into the hundreds of billions of dollars for the full transition.

Although PPG Telecom is involved in the acquisition and propagation of new 5G micro cell sites, we are also watching trends and opportunities in the marketplace and providing NextGen solutions that can be deployed now but will take advantage of the features and functionality of 5G when it is available.

Some of the 5G NextGen Solutions we can help you with:

Internet of Things (IoT)

The existing wired infrastructure of today’s business and industrial environment will be replaced by the flexibility of wireless connectivity, permitting the interconnection of devices and machinery through wireless sensors and control centers.

PPG Telecom will help you launch, manage, and rapidly scale your connected-device business or enterprise deployment. Some of our solutions include:

  • Fleet Management
    • Getting up to date information from your service vehicles.
  • Container Monitoring
    • Helping to reduce loss & theft with container tracking
  • Wireless Backup
    • Providing true diversity and back up with redundancy to wireline connections.
  • Digital Signage
    • Providing managed interactive digital marketing solutions.
  • Point of Sales
    • Utilize point of sale applications ideal for retail locations.

We have solutions for the energy, manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, transportation, telecommunications, and retail industries.

High-Speed Wireless Broadband

We offer high-speed fixed wireless broadband access to homes and businesses as a cost-effective way to expand coverage and capacity, particularly in places where traditional fiber is unavailable.

Our engineers will consider foliage, building materials, device placement, surrounding environment, and weather to maximize the signal and build resilient systems in real-world environments.