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The New ArcMail Defender AWS

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ArcMail’s award winning Defender solution is now available as DefenderAWS – a robust, redundant, cloud based data archiving and information governance solution. We have taken all of the innovative and time tested features of the Defender platform and integrated them with AWS’ best in class cloud infrastructure to deliver a truly world class solution. Enhanced scalability, elasticity, redundancy, fault-tolerance, security , compute, and store resources are all
hallmarks of the next generation Defender platform.

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The DefenderAWS leverages the following services all within the Amazon cloud…


Virtual Instance monitoring

User authentication

Virtual defender instances

Import/Export storage

Postgres database instances

DNS services

Temporary email storage for proxy service

Encrypted email storage

Network Services,

Routing and VPN


Regarding security and redundancy…

The AWS components only accept local connections and are configured so that only services for a specific client can interact with each other.  Replication relies on AWS’ native replication/backup for each service..


The database only accepts local connections with valid username/password; these are stored in ArcMail’s Spacewalk instance and on the Defender.


Raw emails are encrypted on the defender and then stored in AWS S3.  S3 is configured such that the defender instance is the only service that can access the customers bucket.  S3 is replicated across three different availability zones.


Exports are stored on EFS. Only local instances can connect to the EFS and the Defenders are configured so that they only access the subfolder for that customer.  Like S3, EFS objects are replicated in multiple availability zones.


The defender only accepts local connections.  It receives email and UI requests from the proxy and is the only service setup to connect to the other components of the setup.  Like the database, the defender runs as a single instance.  The instance is EBS backed. The root device is stored in EBS, which is replicated with in the availability zone.

ArcMail’s DefenderAWS is truly a next generation solution for data archiving and information governance.