Download e-book for kindle: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Statistics, 2nd Edition by Robert A. Donnelly Jr. Ph.D.

By Robert A. Donnelly Jr. Ph.D.

ISBN-10: 142951390X

ISBN-13: 9781429513906

Not a numbers individual? No problem!

This new version is geared toward highschool and school scholars who have to take records to meet a level requirement and follows a customary facts curriculum. Readers will locate details on frequency distributions; suggest, median, and mode; diversity, variance, and traditional deviation; chance; and more.
—Emphasizes Microsoft Excel for number-crunching and computations

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Frequency distributions and histograms are convenient ways to get an accurate picture of what your data is trying to tell you. ” Wonderful. % Random Thoughts I prefer using Chart Wizard to display the histogram because I think the graph looks better than when I use the Data Analysis tool. The Chart Wizard allows me more control over the final appearance. $ Final histogram. AbObWabWQOZ4Z]eS`>]eS`¾bVSAbS[O\R:SOT2Wa^ZOg The stem and leaf display is another graphical technique you can use to display your data.

I happen to be a handicapped, two-finger, hunt-and-peck typist who has tried those darned typing programs more than once and just can’t get it. I can type maybe 20 words a minute on a good day. My 15-year-old son, John, on the other hand, is one of those show-offs who types while he’s not even looking and can still type 60 words a minute. Because we can correctly say that John types three times faster than me, typing speed is an example of ratio data. 1VO^bS` ( 2ObO2ObO3dS`geVS`SO\R<]bO2`]^b]2`W\Y !

For example, in the class 0–2, the upper limit would be 2. 2 shows what the spreadsheet should look like. # Random Thoughts For some bizarre reason, Excel refers to classes as bins. Go figure.  Raw data for the frequency distribution. 3. Go to the Tools menu at the top of the Excel window and select Data Analysis. ) 4. 3) and click the OK button. ! Data Analysis dialog box. 5. 4), click in the Input Range list box, and then click in the worksheet to select cells A1 through A30 (the 30 original data values).

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Statistics, 2nd Edition by Robert A. Donnelly Jr. Ph.D.

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