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By Richard Appignanesi

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Here's the hot multiplied version of the overseas bestseller Introducing Postmodernism. Has the twenty first century resolved the query of 'postmodernism' or are we greater than ever ensnared in its perplexities? Postmodernism appeared to promise an finish to the awful chilly struggle period of nuclear war of words and oppressive ideologies. Fukuyama's notoriously proclaimed 'end of history', the triumph of liberal democracy over Communist tyranny, has proved an phantasm. We aroused from sleep within the nervous grip of globalization, unpredictable terrorism and unexpected war.This publication strains the pedigrees of postmodernism in artwork, thought, technological know-how and heritage, supplying an pressing consultant to the current.

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4. it bears no relation to any reality whatever - ~ it is its own pure simulacrum... J. .. • , , • , ,. " ... Reality becomes redundant and we have reached hyper-reality in which images breed incestuously with each other without reference to reality or meaning. How is it possible to arrive at the nullification of reality, even "in theory"? And what is the genealogy of a theory that leads to such a radical conclusion? :' ..... H~Okl~ 1'1. , SPEGtJLATIO N • LoD"'NG -- Foil. GAIN Postmodem theory is a consequence of this century's obsession with language.

If~. ""-. ,,;.? : If there ;s a "rear ' . it J)OSfmOdem· . ' , ' ems on its agenda. ism, ,t IS recognizable by th . f mass has not come true OrlQlnalWorks of art throJ ~f an ellll1/nation of the minion dollar Price' . mass reprOduction avai'ab,·,ity In . te . • be effect ,. 'Mult, . ·desirable to own eprodUCtion which has ·mad th propOrtionalto their . :. , . :; ~ . ~ ~£' ;~ •. :.. -.. - 997404 B . SUN MOI2E VAN GOG""~ . FLoWEIls" gEca JVtO~E ~ CL'CH _ . MES E:, THE PAY F~~ HAVE TO ," E 012, c;'NAL.

95 0 PEWTERINKWELL Addan elegantperiodtouchto 'our deskwiththisfineinkwell : r ,. ~ ~an original Georgian -:~~~~~;;Sj~~ ~~~. Base 3" across , #~~ This is image consumerism. The reproduced is taking the place of reality or replacing it as hyper-reality. anymore but that of the cannibalized image. 49 Whit you II' is whit you get... How does the artist - or any concerned citizen of postmodernity - face the threat of unreal simulated hyperreality? You could accept it, of . course ("anything goes").

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