Simon Glendinning's Arguing with Derrida (Ratio Special Issues) PDF

By Simon Glendinning

ISBN-10: 0631226524

ISBN-13: 9780631226529

This quantity includes the total complaints of the 1999 Ratio convention at which Derrida made major contributions on numerous themes, together with the relation of his paintings to analytical philosophy, the good judgment of argument, fact ineffability, which means, animal lifestyles, and the entice the standard within the paintings of Wittgenstein and J.L. Austin.

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I shall try to follow this brief by relat­ ing two of Derrida 's best known texts, 'Differance ' and 'Signature, Event, Context', I to some of my own interests and concerns. But first, I want to say a few words about the particular profile that I bring to this task. 2. It is no secret that there are philosophers who deride the work of Derrida. There are those indeed who think that it is pernicious. I unequivocally distance myself from either category. However, although I greatly admire Derrida's work, I can claim no special expertise in it.

13 It is itself never present. This is not because it has some kind of super-being, in the way in which God might have, which means that it transcends all the finite categories in terms of which it could be made present, still less because it is straightforwardly absent. ' It exceeds the order of truth at a certain precise point, ' Derrida writes, ' but without dissimulating itself as something, as a mysterious being, in the occult of a nonknowledge or in a hole with indeterminate borders (for example, in a topology of castration) .

Moore: In response to your first question: the implication is certainly not intended. O At the conference I distributed a handout with an outline of my argument. The first ARGUING WITH DERRlDA 79 'style' in any pejorative sense; definitely not that. Neither am I meaning t? suggest that there is a way of doing philosophy which has a style . In co � trast to ano �her way which is somehow free of any style. HaVing saId that, I thInk that the differences that we have be�n talking abo � t today, concerning various ways of doing phIlosophy, are, Indeed, differences of style in some fairly profound sense.

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