New PDF release: ARABIC in 10 minutes a day

By Kristine K. Kershul

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ARABIC in 10 mins an afternoon® e-book 132-page illustrated workbook complete colour all through geared up in 25 effortless steps, by means of crucial different types one hundred fifty Sticky Labels for domestic and workplace Ready-made Flash playing cards Cut-out Menu advisor Pronunciation consultant Over three hundred loose phrases word list of over 2,000 new phrases, definitions and pronunciation ARABIC in 10 mins an afternoon® CD-ROM incorporated with the ten mins an afternoon® publication unique language studying software program positive factors interactive Sticky Labels, Flash playing cards, colours and Numbers See and listen to the phrases as you play with them in your computing device display computing device and Mac pleasant no matter if you're making plans a visit to Morocco, Egypt, or any of the 25 unique nations the place Arabic is spoken, you'll want to deliver alongside your language abilities and ARABIC in 10 mins an afternoon® with CD-ROM is simply the price tag! With a spotlight on useful phrases and words which each tourist wishes, the ebook and interactive CD-ROM supply a simple, step by step strategy including worthwhile research instruments and enjoyable, desktop actions and video games. excellent for college students, tourists and overseas executives world wide!

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Onaji shikichi-nai no betsu no ie ni sunde iru. 同じ敷 地内の別の家に住んでいる。 betsu na/no iikata o sureba 別な/の言い方をすれば Shikikin to reikin to yuu okane o yachin to wa betsu ni shiharawanakute wa narimasen. 敷金と礼金という お金を家賃とは別に支払わなくてはなりません。 Iro ga deru baai ga arimasu node, hoka no mono to wa betsu ni aratte kudasai. 色が出る場合がありますの で、ほかのものとは別に洗ってください。 chihoo 39 hoka no ほかの other, additional (Attributive use only) Also adverb hoka ni in addition, ... else, besides hoka no hito/kuni/chiiki ほかの人/国/地域 Hoka no koto o kangaeru yoyuu ga nai kurai isogashikatta desu.

Mise/kaisha/hoteru/heya o deru 店/会社/ホテル /部屋を出る Ichinichijuu heya o detari haittari shite iru. 一日中部 屋を出たり入ったりしている。 ie/heya kara soto ni deru 家/部屋から外に出る Oya ni ikinari ie kara dete ike to iwaremashita. 親に いきなり家から出て行けと言われました。 ofuro kara deru おふろから出る Kisha wa nanji ni demasu ka. 汽車は何時に出ますか。 tabi/ryokoo/sanpo ni deru 旅/旅行/散歩に出る dekake-ru 出掛ける (sb) go out, go off (from home, for some purpose) Ane wa ima dekakete imasu ga, moo sugu kaette kuru to omoimasu. 姉は今出掛けていますが、 もうすぐ帰 ってくると思います。 kazoku de/shujin to dekakeru 家族で/主人と出掛 ける doraibu/sanpo/kaimono/tsuri/ryokoo ni dekakeru ドラ イブ/散歩/買い物/釣り/旅行に出掛ける machi/resutoran/umi/kaigai e dekakeru 街/レストラ ン/海/海外へ出掛ける kuruma de dekakeru 車で出掛ける kaer-u 帰る (sb) leave (workplace, place where visiting etc, to go back home etc) Moo kaeru n desu ka.

Karera wa zen’in buji datta. 彼らは全員無事だった。 Minasan gobuji desu ka. 皆さんご無事ですか。 daijoobu na 大丈夫な safe, okay [= not causing danger; not exposed to danger; unharmed] abunai shokuhin to daijoobu na shokuhin 危ない食品 と大丈夫な食品 Suidoosui o sono mama nonde mo daijoobu desu ka. 水道水をそのまま飲んでも大丈夫ですか。 Kono tatemono wa, matomo ni taifuu ga kite mo daijoobu desu. この建物は、 まともに台風が来ても 大丈夫です。 Kantoo ni sunde irassharu kata wa, jishin wa daijoobu deshita ka. 関東に住んでいらっしゃるかたは、地震 は大丈夫でしたか。 aru ある/iru いる be (in a place) gozaimasu ございます 2-3 PP (sth) be (in a place) (Extra-formal counterpart of aru, only used in -mas- forms) Toire wa kochira no oku no hoo ni gozaimasu.

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