New PDF release: Analytical Chemistry of Liquid Fuel Sources

By Uden P.C., Siggia S., Jensen H.B. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841203954

ISBN-13: 9780841203952

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Are considered in a single calculation as represented on the right-hand side of the figure. The Brillouin–Wigner perturbation theory approach is ‘state-specific’; that is, we consider a single state in a given calculation and, if the resulting theory is not a valid many-body theory, then we apply a suitable a posteriori correction based on the relation between the Brillouin–Wigner and the Rayleigh– Schr¨odinger denominators. In principle, this a posteriori correction can be rendered exact. In the multireference Brillouin–Wigner perturbation theory, the states with energies E0 , E1 , E2 , .

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