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Have you questioned how the Eiffel Tower used to be outfitted? Or, what it'll were wish to wander the streets of Montmartre 100 years in the past and meet humans like Edith Piaf and the recognized painters? As you stroll round the urban of sunshine, you're traveling within the footsteps of fantastic humans together with Napoleon Bonaparte, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Toulouse-Lautrec and Gustave Eiffel. in numerous methods, all of those remarkable characters made significant contributions, making town of Paris what it really is this present day. A urban travel not like the other, remarkable humans of Paris takes you on a desirable trip with those icons of 1 of the world's such a lot visited towns. you'll meet those that contributed to the track, the artwork, the structure, the politics and different very important features of the city's existence. Come head to head with those that built the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Tuilleries Gardens and different nice locations. stroll round the urban with the tales of the folk who created the websites we adore to go to. what's a BioView®? Your journey of the folk and locations of Paris comes alive via BioViews®. A BioView® is a brief biographical tale, just like an interview. those special tales offer an ideal way of studying approximately awesome those who made significant contributions and altered our global.

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What is a theatre without support? It was Emperor Napoleon III who wanted a new Opera House in Paris It was part of his grand design for the City of Light A competition was held and 171 people entered Fortunately, my design was chosen It was therefore my honour to be the architect of the Paris Opera Baron Haussmann arranged for 12,000 square metres of land He was the chief government official in charge of development The foundation stone was laid in 1861 It was a great day but many problems arose We discovered a subterranean lake under the ground It took a long time to find ways to resolve the issues In addition, money was short due to the Emperor’s wars As a result, I worried that my grand design may not be built Years passed by and there was little progress Then, in 1873, a disaster became a blessing © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 59 Amazing People of Paris Fire consumed another great Paris theatre The Theatre de l’Academie Royale de Musique It was also known as Theatre de l’Opera The fire raged for 27 hours and ruined the building People all over Paris could see the flames It was agreed that our city had to have a new theatre Work on my design re-commenced I spent hours developing the drawings for the building Through hard work by engineers and builders it was completed by 1874 The Opera had to be a work of art, not just another building When completed it was called Palais Garnier to reflect my efforts A great honour indeed to see my name in lights On January 15th 1875, there was an inaugural performance The theatre shone like a star in the night Ladies in their beautiful dresses graced the occasion The men looked very formal Paris Opera House All gathered in the foyer They admired the grand theatre with golden lights sparkling Then they climbed the staircase People were amazed by the architecture of the theatre It was a tribute to all who built it In due course, other cities developed similar designs A tribute to the Opera de Paris Or, as some still say, Opera Garnier.

Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 53 Amazing People of Paris Eugene Belgrand 1810 – 1878 People cannot live without water Although the River Seine ran through Paris it was polluted Rubbish of all kinds was thrown into the river The life blood of the city was becoming stagnant At the same time, thousands of new people were arriving Something had to be done to ensure a safe and clean water supply Baron Haussmann appointed me as Director of Waters and Sewers in 1855 As an engineer, I understood the magnitude of the problem There were no easy solutions It required planning on a grand scale A system of tunnels was designed to carry water Filtration systems had to be put in place Organizing the projects and the men was a big job The sewer system of Paris was quadrupled in 15 years Above ground, aqueducts were needed The Romans had taught us how important they were It was amazing that they built them without modern tools As a result, we doubled the amount of water flowing to the city In all, four times as many homes benefited The effort to give Paris clean water was essential Without it, the spectre of cholera hung over the city We knew it would kill without regard Our efforts were a race against time In the process, I needed to learn quickly Many scientists were employed We needed information on geology, chemistry, and other specialisms In addition to being an engineer my main job was management Co-ordinating thousands of workers and suppliers was demanding Creating a new water supply was a fascinating job After all, we were improving the sanitation of the city Beyond that, we helped create the new Paris.

Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 56 Amazing People of Paris Claude Monet 1840 – 1926 Being born in Paris, I had a strong feeling for the city Throughout my life I was drawn to its sights and sounds Yet, many of my paintings reflected the countryside around Indeed, from the age of five, I lived in Normandy There, I met Eugene Boudin who taught me techniques of painting But, when I was 17 my mother died and I returned to Paris Visiting the Louvre helped me forget the sadness of her loss The paintings were inspiring and I resolved to be an artist However, military service in Africa meant that had to wait For two years, I served as a soldier but then contracted typhoid In 1862, I left the armed forces and went to art school It was a major change in culture and lifestyle But not for long, as the sound of war drew near The Prussians, under Bismarck, invaded Paris Making a hasty escape, I went to live in England My paintings were not appreciated there The Royal Academy refused to include them in an exhibition Camille Doncieux however appreciated me, and we married in 1870 Once the war was over, we returned to live in Paris The city was in turmoil with the revolution of the Paris Commune The poor people took to the streets They were suffering from hunger, disease and poverty In May 1871, they fought French troops on the barricades The Tuileries Palace was burnt to the ground The mob took over and burnt the Hotel de Ville and Palais de Justice The Ministry of Finance and the police headquarters were destroyed The troops eventually regained control More destruction followed as 147 Communards were shot They were buried at Père Lachaise Cemetery Hundreds more were buried in ditches nearby In all about 30,000 were killed and 35,000 arrested The violence was horrifying to see I needed a place of quiet to paint The suburb of Argeneuil was still very rural © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 57 Amazing People of Paris Yet, all around there were changes in the city The new boulevards created by Haussmann were full of people Nearby, new factories gave work to many at low rates of pay My paintings gave an impression of life in France In truth, they may have been my way of escaping the reality For most, life was a continual struggle.

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