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Рабочая тетрадь поможет вашему ребенку в веселой и увлекательной форме усвоить азы сложения в пределах двадцати. Книга состоит из 32 красочных страниц с ответами. Предназначена для детей 5-7 лет Книжки для детей от Disney - Addition and Substraction take pleasure in English - Рабочая тетрадь 1 take pleasure in English - Рабочая тетрадь 2

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You are responsible for your action. g. ْ ‫‘ א ْ ْ و א‬to Him (Allah) belongs the universe and for Him is all the Praise’, ْ ‫‘ א‬he is right or he has the right’. g. ‘we have books’, ‘I have a car’. Note that in Tables 1, 2 & 3 the second persons ♂&♀ dual and the third persons ♂&♀ dual are identical. 24 The Pronouns Important Note: Concentrate in the beginning only on the 3rd Person masculine singular & plural forms, the 2nd Person masculine singular & plural forms, and both the 1st person forms, and skip over the verbal forms and pronouns of the feminine gender (except the singular forms) and the dual forms as these are not frequently used in the Holy Quran.

Two Muslim men’, which is the original/nominative case, is changed to , representing both the accusative and the genitive forms. In this case ‫( _ ن‬aani) is changed to _ (aini). In case of feminine gender, the dual of ‘a Muslim woman’ is ‫ن‬ ‘two Muslin women’, which is the original/nominative case, can be changed to , representing both the accusative and genitive forms. Here ‫ _ ن‬is changed to . g. ‫ن‬ (Muslin men) is the nominative/original form, and it is changed to , representing both the conditions of accusative and genitive forms.

Etc. g. , , ‫د‬ ‘black’, ‘white’, etc. g. ‘bed’, , ‫‘ د א‬Dirhams’, ‫‘ א‬glass’ & ‘graves’, – Names of men on the pattern of ‫ن‬ ‫ن‬ ,‫ ْ ن‬,‫ن‬ ,‫ن‬ , etc. g. – Names of men ending with ? g. ْ , , ‫ و‬, , etc. g. ,‫ن‬ ,‫ ن‬, , , , etc. g. ‫‘ د‬world’, ‫‘ אد‬near’, , etc. g. ‘merciful’, ‘nobles’, ‫א‬ ‘poor’, ‫دא‬ ‘black ♀’, ‘white ♀’, ‫א‬ ‘red ♀’, ‫‘ ز‬blue ♀’, ‫א‬ ‘green ♀’. g. ‘Satin’, ‫ن‬ ‘Pharaoh’, ‫ج‬ Magog’, etc. g. ‫א א‬ ‘In the 35 The Irab of Noun name of Allah, the Most Gracious’, ْ‫א‬ ‘from the beds’, ‫א‬ ‘among the Signs of Allah’, ْ ‘in the best stature/mould’.

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