A Treatise on Phytochemistry by Amrit Pal Singh PDF

By Amrit Pal Singh

ISBN-10: 0954430204

ISBN-13: 9780954430207

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Molecular formula: C18 H25 N O5. 44. Melting point: 232-3 deg C. Biological activity: Antitumor. 93: Structure of Senecionine Solanine Source: Solanum nigrum. Molecular formula: C45 H73 N O16. 19. Melting point: 301-3 deg C. Biological activity: Protoplasmic poison. 94: Structure of Solanine Strychnine Source: Strynchnos nux vomica. Molecular formula: C21 H22 O2 N 2. 4. Melting point: 275 deg C. Solubility: A. Soluble in water, alcohol and chloroform. B. Insoluble in ether. Physical form: Strychnine is a colourless, odourless alkaloid having intense taste and occurs in prismatic crystals.

Molecular formula: Not confirmed. Molecular weight: Not confirmed. Melting point: Not confirmed. Biological activity: Hepatoproctetive? Echitamine Source: Alstonia scholaris. Molecular formula: C 22 H29 N2 O4. 53. Melting point: Not confirmed. Biological activity: Not confirmed. 41: Structure of Echitamine Elymoclavine Source: Ipomoea nil. Molecular formula: C 16 H18 N2 O. 3. Melting point: 252 deg C. Biological activity: Not confirmed. 42 Structure of Elymoclavine Ellipticine Source: Ochrosia elliptica.

Insoluble in water. Biological activity: Antitussive. 76: Structure of Noscapine CH3 Oleanderin Source: Nerium odorum. Molecular formula: C32 H48 O9. 80. Melting point: 250 deg C. 77: Structure of Oleandrin. Oroxylin Source: Oroxylum indicum. Molecular formula: C13 H24 N 2O. 39. Melting point: 232 deg C. Oxycanthine Source: Berberis aristata. Molecular formula: C37 H40 N2 O6. 79. Melting point: 208-214 deg C. 78: Structure of Oxycanthine Papaverine Source: Papaver somniferum. Molecular formula: C20 H21 N O4.

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