A Grammar of Tapiete (Tupi-Guarani) by González, Hebe Alicia PDF

By González, Hebe Alicia

This dissertation offers a linguistic description of Tapiete, a Tupi-Guarani (TG) language spoken in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. Fieldwork has been carried out in Argentina, the place approximately eighty Tapiete households are settled in "Misión Los Tapietes", Tartagal, province of Salta, northern Argentina. hence, the linguistic info and the result of this research mirror the range spoken through the Tapietes residing in Argentina.  Read more...

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Huri/ [hui] /u/ is a nasal high rounded back vowel. /huwa/ [huwa] /o/ is an oral mid rounded back vowel. /doka/ [doka] /o/ is a nasal mid rounded back vowel. 2. [poa] List of minimal pairs Although minimal pairs are not absolutely needed to establish phonological contrast, their presence confirm the existence of phonemes. The following is a non-exhaustive list of minimal pairs. g. bilabial vs. alveolar point of articulation of voiceless stops, high front vowel vs. 1. Consonants /p/ vs.

In the following section, I will give a presentation of the Tapietes sociolinguistic situation. 1. Present situation and ways to a linguistic change 22 People distribution with respect to the command of the Tapiete and the Spanish language varies, on the one hand, due to age, and, on the other hand, due to the frequency of contacts with the Spanish speaking population. In general, this situation can be sketched as follows: people older than 50 have a perfect command of the Tapiete language. Even if they cannot be considered as sheer monolinguals, because some of them can speak Spanish too, they generally prefer to avoid the use of this language and feel more comfortable speaking their own language.

22 himself/herself as a Tapiete or as a Toba? At the present stage of my investigations I cannot answer this question with absolute certainty. My impression is that the ethnic affiliation of the person who was in charge of the interviewed person (mother, father, aunt, grandmother) plays a major role in this election. Very often, this person was a native speaker of the indigenous language with whom the child had grown up. People I interviewed showed different levels of proficiency in that indigenous language: some could speak it properly, some understood it and some only vaguely remembered it.

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A Grammar of Tapiete (Tupi-Guarani) by González, Hebe Alicia

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