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These will be analysed as manifestations of phonemic vowel-semi-vowel-vowel sequences. 1). The particular sequences involved and their phonetic realizations fall into three groups: [1] three-vowel sequences — all occurrences of three phonetic vowels in sequence contain either [i] or [u] as their medial element. These will be analysed as the semivowels y and w respectively, giving sequences of VyV and VwV. 3. 3. Three-vowel sequences phonetic [ʌuʌ] [ʌui] phonemic awa example pawa gloss ‘seed type’ awi pawi ‘lignum tree’ Chapter 2 Phonology 33 [iuʌ] [iui] iwa iwi thirriwa thiwi ‘east’ ‘flower’ [ʌiʌ] [uiʌ] aya uya paya muya ‘bird’ ‘dry’ [uiu] uyu puyuru ‘kin term’ The term puyuru is the only instance of uyu in the corpus.

Man-pl’ ‘old man-pl’ ‘old woman-pl’ karnawara pinarruwara [‘kʌɳʌˌwɒɽʌ] [‘pinʌruˌwɒɽʌ] wilhapinawara [‘wiḻʌˌpinʌˌwɒɽʌ] Verb root + derivation + inflection 4. ‘hit-recip-pres’ nandramaliyi ‘to close-pass-pres’ ngandrawalkatharriyi Noun root + (derivation) + inflection 5. 6 Fast speech phenomena In fast fluent speech such as that characteristic of texts a number of assimilations and delections occur which are not heard when Diyari is dictated slowly word for word. 10) as a single unit. Auxiliaries beginning with wa, that is wanthi, wapa and warra, change this to [u] and contract with the preceding participal form of the stem, as in: ‘saw long ago’ nhayirna wanthiyi becoming [ṉʌiɳʌuṉṯi:] ‘saw recently’ nhayirna wapaya becoming [ṉʌiɳʌupʌiʌ] ‘saw just now’ nhayirna warayi becoming [ṉʌiɳʌuɾɛi] The future auxiliary ngana- loses its initial consonant and contracts with the preceding stem giving rise to a phonetic long vowel [ʌ:], as in ‘will see’ nhayilha nganayi becoming [ṉʌiḻʌ:nɛi].

6). 2). 4 Predicate determiners. 1). 2). 5 Particles and co-ordinators. These two closed word classes may be defined negatively as those items which take none of the derivational or inflectional morphology described above. 7. 11. 6 Interjections. These are a class of words which can comprise a whole utterance by themselves. They are never inflected and are not syntactically integrated with other linguistic material. 46 Chapter 3 Morphology Two interjections are phonotactically unusual in that they begin with a vowel (cf.

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