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Indeed, people have compared language-making to the fact that some people draw or paint, while others compose or make music, and yet others put a lot of attention to detail in their building of airplane, car, ship, or train models. For me on the other hand, it was words and grammar that have replaced tinkering with Lego bricks at some point in time, and I was an avid Lego-tinkerer. From this description of how I got to create Ayeri it may seem to the reader as though I had continuously worked on my language for years, but that is not the case.

2, page 6. Constituent order typology THIS IS STILL A DRAFT 34 demonstrative pronouns, precede nouns as prefixes. 11 11 Payne prefers to call this type “VP language” (cf. Payne 91). 1 Noun and noun-phrase operations Compounding Ayeri has the ability of compounding to generate new words. Consider for example: (74) noun + noun: prihino ‘table’ + gumo ‘work’ → prihingumo ‘desk, workbench’ noun + adjective: kardang ‘school’ + iray ‘high’ → kardangiray ‘university’ verb + nominalizer: anl- ‘to bring’ + -maya ‘NMLZ’ → anlamaya ‘waiter’ verb + adposition: + agonan ‘outside’ → ilagonan ‘edition’ il- ‘to give’ Compound nouns may differ in meaning from their parts in that the meaning of the whole cannot necessarily be deduced from its parts: Consider for example baytandevo, which breaks down as ‘blood-head’ to mean ‘headache’, probably due to an earlier assumption that an internal injury of the head causes the pain.

Non-numeral quantifiers attach to anything they modify, although they do not modify possessive pronouns, indefinite determiners, relative clauses, or demonstratives. They can modify each other, however, becoming head and dependent of a nested modifier phrase. Lastly, having a demonstrative and an indefinite determiner in one noun phrase is ungrammatical, likewise a combination of two demonstratives, or two indefinite determiners. 4 Prepositional phrase In Ayeri, basic prepositions are expressed by the genitive,4 dative,5 and locative,6 case markers: (64a) Locational genitive: (64b) Locational dative: Ang ning-ay-Ø na Tasankan.

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