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By Robert Boyle

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Released in 1686, this paintings attacked triumphing notions of the flora and fauna that depicted "Nature" as a smart, benevolent and practical being. It represents one of many subtlest statements about the matters raised by way of the mechanical philosophy that emerged from the clinical Revolution. This quantity offers the 1st smooth version of the whole textual content, including a old creation, a chronology of Boyle's existence and notes on additional interpreting.

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Italics have been removed except for quotations from Latin books, words in languages other than English and rare instances in which the use of italics for emphasis adds significantly to the clarity. For passages in English which Boyle intended to present as quotations, inverted commas have been substituted. Sentences have been repunctuated where necessary to give a better flow and sense. This has involved the frequent deletion, and occasional insertion, of commas. Elsewhere, we have altered commas to colons or semicolons, and have sometimes placed phrases within dashes (which Boyle did not use) for greater clarity.

Lat. lacks 'under the name of Eleutherius'. The identity of Eleutherius has not been established. Lat. lacks the parenthetical phrase. This work was not published and has not survived. 102 on Fri Mar 18 04:18:35 GMT 2016. 006 Cambridge Books Online © Cambridge University Press, 2016 Preface or received, so will I not conclude an opinion to be a truth merely because great numbers have thought it to be so, nor think an opinion erroneous because it is not yet known to many or because it opposes a tenent embraced by many.

And I am the more tender of admitting such a lieutenant to divine providence as nature is fancied to be, because I shall hereafter give you some instances in which it seems that if there were such a thing, she must be said to act too blindly and impotently to discharge well the part she is said to be trusted with. I shall add that the doctrine I plead for does, much better than its rival, comply with what religion teaches us about the extraordinary and supernatural interpositions of divine providence.

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