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TKO A roof-plate for the house; formerly made of pandanus; the rough form is called rape, and the finished is abu. VHI Mod. A sill. NAP Fashioned, formed, heaped up. abu (i) Manyabu. ANA A great mound or earth-platform. ahiLa Heaped up; as sand, dirt. l)a Many little heaps or mounds. A great heap or mound. hal)a A mound, burial platform; any artificially raised eminence. nul A major division of land. Es. Great-, authoritative-, supremerecords; an inclusive name given to the whole lore of the supreme Gods.

To scoop-, bail- out; II ahuahu (ii). FAG AHI (iv) S. Sandalwood, Santalum sp. AHI (v) [? i - abi (i)] S. Poet. Evening, night. HAO AmAm (i) II abi (i) AHIAHI (ii) [? +- am (i)] S. Evening, late afternoon; before the sun has set; II abi (v). ANA, NAP, VHI, AMN AHIKU (i) [? +- hiku (i) (ii)] S. A progenitor of a clan or people; an ancestor from whom a line of descent springs or takes its name; hence, Frly. a creator. FAG A distinguishing appelation, surname; the patronym, the name of an ances- tor attached to the name of a descendant by means of the possessive particle a, of, descended from; II mku (i), (iii).

Va, ae. va High, lofty; as a high tree. vaeva, aevaeva [? va] Very high, lofty, towering over; as a cloud or very high tree. AEA S. The transverse brace of the kupel)a fishnet_ FAG I aea-raro The brace nearest the rounded end. I aea-rul)a The brace farthest from the rounded end. AIJI AIJA (ii) [? +- al)& (i)] P. ] TKP, ANA AI]A (iii) P. To receive, accept. VHI AIJA (iv) P. To look, regard in a certain direction. HAO, ANA To face, move, turn in a certain direction; II hei (iv), hei&l)&. al)8, piial)al)a To look upon with admiration; to cheer on with shouts of joy, admiration, exultation.

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