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Poised among the Mediterranean and the Mitteleuropa, crossroads of civilizations and seat of bright cultural and literary existence, Trieste is now stated as having fun with unrivalled cultural prestige among Italian towns. This quantity, the 1st entire learn of Triestine literature in English, initially reassesses Trieste+?s literary identification, paying specific consciousness to the interval among 1918 and 1954 while neighborhood writing grew to become intensely conscious of its neighborhood specificity and a few of its valuable motifs got here prominently to the fore. Trieste+?s singular border identification, reflected in a variegated literary output, emerges the following as weighted down with complexities and ambiguities, resembling the debatable proposal of triestinita, the ambiguous relation with nationalism, particularly in its Fascist inflection, and the anxieties generated by way of repeated re-definitions of the area+?s old borders.

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The aim is to disclose some of the mechanisms whereby triestinitd functions. The latter may well be a cultural artefact, but its enormous impact both in Trieste and in the rest of Italy commands consideration and careful reassessment. Triestinitd will be revealed as a key to understanding the extent to which a city's cultural identity relies on its own past, its own historical memory, but also some of the distortions inherent in such artificial, surgical re-creations. In particular triestinitd will be exposed as a mechanism whereby writing, besides providing an aesthetic escape, more crucially presides over the acquisition of an identity—Trieste's own identity.

3-7. 1. LITERARY TRIESTE 45 anachronistic) 'spiritual encyclopedism' mentioned above, Trieste could boast, among other events, the first Italian Futurist soiree in 1910, and the first Italian performance of Richard Wagner's Tetralogy at the beginning of the century. Slataper's statement must be read as an attempt to provoke a reaction in an environment at the cultural margins of Italy which he regarded as too steeped in trade and eager to secure a place for itself in the national sphere. The Triestine intellectuals, with Slataper as their spiritual leader, hoped to achieve this integration by diving into the most canonical and idealized Italian cultural tradition, that of Florence.

Gary, A Ghost in Trieste, p. 3. 32 A CITY IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR responsibility in spreading the culture of the Florentine periodical La Voce in Trieste where it had a formidable impact. Significantly, in Trieste, Dante, Carducci, D'Annunzio but also much of contemporary Italian literary culture were received and assimilated through the filter of La Voce. Despite the attempts of the group of 'giuliano-fiorentini', Trieste never fully managed to shake off its sense of itself as marginal, as a cultural periphery, the Cinderella of Italian literature.

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